Did I Just Spend $3,891.59 On Toilet Paper?

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Is toilet paper a valuable expense for a business?

In a few days I’ll be getting a new Mac delivered to my door. It cost me exactly $3,891.59. There was a time when a new computer would get me all excited, but nowadays as I begin several entrepreneurial ventures, I’m looking at the computer less as tech and more as an asset.

Over the next two months I’ll need to do more development work than I’ve ever done before. I had a choice: work on my MacBook Air at the cost of reduced performance or invest in a new computer that would be faster, more powerful and give me more screen real estate, thereby increasing my productivity.

To me the choice was easy, but to my wallet it was a little harder. But in the end, my wallet understood that investments and sacrifices need to be made.

As I was punching in my credit card, I couldn’t help thinking about businesspeople who don’t see the value in reinvesting in their own businesses. A good friend of mine works at a company that is terminating their contract with their water cooler company. The management has decided that water coolers need to be cut because the sustainability of the business required it. The business had already retired a few employees and systematically eliminated benefits thus reducing morale. But it didn’t end with health benefits and water. They cut coffee, milk, sugar and utensils. And they also cut toilet paper.

Yup. If you want to go potty in the course of your day, you now need to remember to bring a roll of toilet paper with you to work.

People losing their jobs is a tragedy, but given the circumstances, I get it. I even get having to lose some of the amenities.

But not giving people toilet paper is just shitty.

These are my 300 words for the day. I am Ralph M. Rivera.

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Is toilet paper a valuable expense for a business?