I’ll Give You A Triberr Sticker If You Tell Me How To Make Triberr Better

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I'll Give You A Triberr Sticker If You Tell Me How To Make Triberr Better. I'm not allowed to tell you that the Triberr team has begun rebuilding Triberr from the ground up to be better, faster and more awesome.

I’m not allowed to tell you that the team at Triberr has formally begun the process of rebuilding Triberr from the ground up to be better, faster and full of more awesome. I’m also not allowed to tell you that right now on my desk is a stack of Triberr stickers. I’m certainly not allowed to ask you to give me feedback on your Triberr experience in exchange for a Triberr sticker.

If I were allowed to do such a thing, I’d ask Triberr users to give me feedback on what you would like to see in a new generation of Triberr.

Which totally does not exist.

If it did exist, it’s likely that I’ll spend the next few days and weeks grueling over a software specifications requirements document in order to document the design, structure and operability of Triberr.


Because a software specifications document or SRS is the most important part of app development. Think of building a house. Would you spend money on the construction without an architectural drawing? How would you know what you are getting? How would the contractor know what to build? What if the contractor builds a perfectly functional house, but it’s not what you expected or wanted. The SRS resolves that problem. Mostly.

But it’s not just about apps. Every project needs a clear specifications document – even if you call it by a different name – so that every person understands the expected outcomes the same way. Not having specifications is almost guaranteed to result in a failed project.

Now about those stickers. Use the form here to subscribe to the Web.Search.Social list. Leave me your thoughts about what you think will make Triberr better and if you are in the continental Unites States, I’ll send you a Triberr sticker while supplies last.

These are my 300 words for the day. I am Ralph M. Rivera.


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I'll Give You A Triberr Sticker If You Tell Me How To Make Triberr Better. I'm not allowed to tell you that the Triberr team has begun rebuilding Triberr from the ground up to be better, faster and more awesome.

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Hi, I'm Ralph! I'm a web developer and founder of Rahvalor Interactive, a creative marketing services company based in Holmdel, New Jersey. I founded Rahvalor in 1999 with my wife and business partner Carol Lynn, and in January 2012 we created Web.Search.Social as a branded service offering that brings enterprise-level services to small businesses in an affordable way. My primary role is programming and development, and with 25 solid years of marketing experience behind me, I write, consult and develop strategy for our customers. I'm also the CTO of Triberr and I teach web development at Manhattan College in New York City. Carol Lynn and I live near the coast in central New Jersey, less than an hour from the place of my birth – the island of Manhattan. We are at the constant beck and call of Ash, our 17-year-old American Shorthair cat. I'm also trying to build a flux capacitor, but that's not going as well as the other stuff I do.
  • jack43

    To be honest, I can’t think of one suggestion for making the application better. Triberr worked quite well in helping build traffic to my website/weblog. I tracked the results and was quite pleased with them. So, keep your sticker and if you come up with something on your own or another user has an idea that actually enhances it, I’ll be happy to employ it. Best luck…

  • What about Canada, eh 😉 😉

  • Hey Ralph, I think you already owe me some stickers 🙂 Did you ever see my Mike Brooks tweets??

  • I think Triberr needs a more specific disclosure policy for projects they’re working on. Now gimme my sticker!

  • EDee Williams

    Bring back some old features.

    1. Set it and forget it. In the beginning you didn’t have to approve every Tweet. It just ran on autopilot.

    2. Restricted Words. Several versions ago we could restrict words like ‘breastfeeding’ or ‘eBook’ from our feed. Titles with those words wouldn’t appear in our feed. (Those are just examples. I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding or eBooks, they’re just popular keywords that make good examples. No one Flip Out!)

    3. PLEASE MAKE TRIBERR AN APP!! If we must approve every Tweets before it can be Tweeted – For the Love of God! Please make it so I can approve tweets from my phone!

    4. Bring back Bones. I don’t really care why – it’s the nostalgia.

    PS I didn’t read the post, only the title. I have to many Triberr tweets to approve – I don’t have time to actually read anything!!

  • Mary BookHounds Jacobs

    I love triberr and my tribemates!

    I really miss the auto approve but I understand twitter’s TOS —

    I would love an app – I can access it on my iPhone but the website on mobile is clunky.
    PS — I don’t need a sticker since I really didn’t suggest anything.

  • awwww I want a sticker – I also want to be able to repost – remember that – you were bringing it back – and also some way of stopping those people from signing up and never appearing again – so we end up sharing all of their posts and they share none … be gone. Maybe have a sign in feature so sign in every day and you get to be able to have posts shared or something. PS I love triberr keep it up 🙂

  • Triberr is awesome. There’s not much I’d change.

    Would love an app, so I can share on the go (I’d definitely share more as I struggle for time when I’m on my desktop).

    Also, for email notifications to work again. Not sure if it’s just me or others are experiencing this too, but nothing has come through for weeks.

  • I absolutely love Triberr, Ralph!

    I would love an app, too, for sharing on the go.

  • God’s honest truth, when I first heard Rush I thought they had a female singer. And then when I saw the singer on a poster, I was sure they had a female singer. #ThatDudeCanSingHisAssOff

    • jimdougherty

      I call bs. Geddy Lee is the masculine ideal. The new Tom Sawyer.

  • Triberr is great as is… I just wish there was more reciprocation within the groups. But that has nothing to do with the platform, it’s the people that use it! 🙂 Cheers and looking forward to updates!

  • Cecilia Tan

    I think better documentation might be helpful. I know there’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Some people are saying tribes are limited to 30 members while others appear to be larger with no problems. I also think tribes should not have a limit on size. One large tribe of people with common interests would be much more useful for me than being in 20 tribes which have large but not complete overlap among the members, which is how it is now.

    Another thing which would help would be to change the way graphics are used. RIght now no matter what the subject of a tribe is that I create, my personal avatar appears as the icon for it. I can create a custom graphic header for the tribe’s page, but no one ever really sees that. When we browse tribes or look through our feeds what we see over and over is the personal avatars. If I create a tribe for erotic romance and a tribe for cat owners they both look the same. It’d be better to have something different for each.

    Another thing that would be useful would be a “poke” tool for Chiefs to use to remind all tribe members who haven’t shared in a certain amount of time to get on the stick. One click to get everyone lagging instead of messaging individually or having to broadcast to the entire group.

  • KateNasser

    Nice that you ask. My suggestions:

    a) Continue to lobby LinkedIn to allow the posts I publish there to feed into Triberr. Many of us are blogging now on our own blogs and on LinkedIn yet my LinkedIn posts can’t feed into Triberr as far as I know. Also if I write a guest post on another person’s blog, how do I feed that into Triberr?

    b) An APP for Android tablet so I can tap into Triberr when I am sitting on trains etc…

    c) Update your flagged words. I don’t write spam blog posts yet it labels some normal words as bad.

    d) Better documentation. One time I invited someone to join Triberr and it asked her to pay money. I didn’t have to pay anything so I had no idea it would ask her. A bit embarrassing. If this documentation exists, feel free to direct me to it.


  • Abbas Shareef


    Suggestion #1:

    I just suggested to another blogger & the Triberr support my suggestions.

    One of the first things I tried to do when I joined Triberr was add a secondary chief;
    unfortunately, I was not able to do so and I lost my chiefhood because only 1 chief allowed.

    I believe Triberr would be so much more AWESOME if they included the options for multiple chiefs!

    Suggestion #2:

    Choice for manual or automatic submission.

    I think Triberr would be a lot better if the group options included non-automatic submissions each time someone added a post.

    This takes away from the whole group’s topic…in the case that the posts didn’t relate to the group. Instead, if there was manual submission, then a person can choose to submit to a group in accordance to the topic(manually).

    Not all groups have to be manual, but it would make sense for some groups that want to filter out content and have very niche specific content.

    It gives more value to group names the more specific they are.

    Suggestion #2a

    It goes along with suggestion 2. If the choice for a group with set for manual submission only(instead of blog posts automatically posted)..then an option for an approval process may or may not be given; according to the main chief.

    Sorry if i overlooked any Triberr features that give you these capabilites; I am new to Triberr, but I wanted to have these features.

    If you want more possible suggestions like these…just email me to hear my ideas.

    Thanks, Abbas

  • jimdougherty

    Hey Ralph,

    I’m not angling for a sticker, but I do agree that a bulk system for sharing would be helpful. The constant maintenance of Triberr is the one thing that keeps me from sharing as much as I’d like to. I suspect the reason you can’t “set it and forget it” are Twitter developer rules, but SocialBro found a way to may their interface far easier to follow and unfollow people to circumvent this.

    I also see in the forums that a big impediment to Triberr is the learning curve. I appreciate all of the work that has gone into the documentation but I think to get people to get on-boarded quickly and see faster results, which I think a video sequence could accomplish. Maybe finding a way to leverage “ambassadors” to on-board new people a la Wikipedia or bulletin boards would accomplish more with less resource.

    Also, would like for @dinodogan:disqus to speak less about iconic rock bands and more about 80s metal bands. Why didn’t Yngwie Malmsteen make it bigger? Why does Coverdale / Page sound so bad and Led Zeppelin sound so good?

  • I love Triberr but I really wish there was either a global way to administrate inactive accounts an a real incentive for Tribe leaders to remove them. I see a lot of accounts posting content (via the plugin I assume) and either never share a post or, worse, only share their own content.