Productivity Tools That Deproductify My Productivityfullness

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Productivity Tools That Deproductify My Productivityfullness

I’ve been on a GTD kick as of late. For the past week, I’ve been able to play Xbox without regret. A month ago, I wouldn’t have thought that possible.

How did I get here? By limiting my productivity tools. Over the past month I’ve reduced the tools I use to the three bare essentials: OmniFocus, Evernote and Insightly.

I also use Skype because of its ubiquity in my circles.

I also tried two others that gave me some frustrations. One I’ve decided to continue to use and the other is dead to me.

On the recommendation of my friend, Jeff Sieh, I’m using Slack as an alternative to Skype. While I can see the allure of some of the features of this app, the setup process is cumbersome. I am a member of three Slack “teams.” My business team, Triberr and a mastermind team. Each team requires a different address, username and password instead of one unified Slack account. This seems cumbersome and kinda dumb.

Another tool that I’ve had a bit of stress with is Canva. Know that as I typed those words, Alisa Meredith looked up from whatever she was doing and sneered at me. Her love for Canva knows no bounds, but me… well. Meh.

I created a graphic for this blog at a specific size and then created a Canva graphic of the same size. The two did not match for some reason. Then my text became unreadable in the output version. I poked and prodded for an hour before giving up and going back to Photoshop where I did what needed to get done in under ten minutes.

The point (I guess) is that picking the right tools takes some investment and you can’t just use a tool because the cool kids use it.

These are my 300 words for the day. I am Ralph M. Rivera.


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Productivity Tools That Deproductify My Productivityfullness